Trasmital Bonfiglioli speed reducer of rotation (new)

Type: 735T2-S003A*40T-2

Ratio: 1/40

Serial: 92023613

Trasmital Bonfiglioli 735T2-S003A*40T-2



In our warehouse we have many other reducer, including:


-Lohmann+Stolterfoht GFB48E1024 reducer

Type: GFB 48E 1024

Fabbr. Nr: 1528

Contract Nr: 3/155005

Year 1986

Output torque: T2-230DA Nm

N1-2370 1/min


-Lohmann+Stolterfoht GFB48E1020 reducer

Type: GFB 48E 1020

Fabbr. Nr: 1535

Contract Nr: 3/155031

Output torque: T2-230DA Nm

N1-2370 1/min


-Brevini ED 2090 MR reducer

Type: ED 2090 MR

Serial: 006201FL450

Ratio: 1/35,5

Brevini ED2090MR


-Speed reducer of rotation T2738926

Code number: T27389 26

Serial No: AR77884



-Brevini RAF20 speed reducer

Type: RAF20

i: 35

Input: FL350

Serial: 2314

Date: 03/93

M.C.: BH25


-Reducer 20S-26-31110D2

Reducer 20S-26-31120B1


-Reducer 20S-26-31110B2

Reducer 20S-26-31120B2


-Bonfiglioli 707TNHE1A speed reducer

Type: 707TNHE1A*255ED0AQT-2

Ratio: 1/25

Serial: 90033924

Bonfiglioli 707TNHE1A*255ED0AQT-2


-Bonfiglioli 306L256 speed reducer

Type: 306L256.3HC5BH0AIACC

Code: 2T306L2056006

Ratio: 1/56,3

Serial: 01060571

Code: 40270208

Bonfiglioli 306L256.3HC5BH0AIACC


-Bonfiglioli speed reducer with brake 4F

Bonfiglioli 707TNNC1A100FD0ALXL2CC reducer

Code: 40270165

Code: 2T261200073A

Ratio: 1/100

Serial: 00048927

Drawing No: 56120080


-Bonfiglioli 706T2 speed reducer

Type: 706T2N0HC5A18IRH2TWZMH

Code: 50820089

Code: MT706T014

Ratio: 1/18

Serial: 05063747

Drawing No: 56061671

Bonfiglioli 706T2N0HC5A18IRH2TWZMH


-Spare parts Brevini rotation reducer (used)


Brevini 301190


Brevini 12.256 (Brevini 12/256)


Tapered roller bearing Fag 32212A (diameter ext. 110mm / diameter int. 60mm)


Brevini crown reducer Z95


Brevini crown reducer Z75


Brevini 1/4.39 (n°3 satellites Z32 / hole 20 teeth)


Pinion Z28 / USSR 7000112 bearing / Hole 24 teeth


Brevini 1/5.16 (n°3 satellites Z28 / Hole 27 teeth)


Pinion Z15 / Shaft Z27 (Brevini 354/212.2)


HMT hydraulic motor (Shaft Z14)


Sleeve shaft HMT hydraulic motor (Z24 xst. / Z14 int.) Brevini 305019