Rockwell U720EFQ0190 axle

Axle for pullman

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Rockwell International fixed axle for bus


Rockwell CVC

Model: U720EFQ0190

Cust. N°: 99467851

Serial: 5624

Ratio: 1-5,90

Iveco 99467851



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-Rockwell rear axle

Ratio: 14×43


Differential plate:

Model: 160E

Cust. N°: A373200V1894307

Serial: CVC 96042272

Ratio: 1/307

Ratio: 14×43


Axle plate: 

Model: RP160ENX2307

Cust: N°: 7181797

Type: 09A97

Part no: 7181908


Iveco 7181797

Iveco 7181908


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