New bevel gear pairs

Bevel gears for Tornicroft, GMC, Ford and various

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Tornicroft, GMC, Ford bevel gears (new)


-Tornicroft bevel gear

Ratio: 14×33

521611: number on pinion

8795/1: number on pinion

B/B5651/9: number on pinion

FRONT 1B: number on pinion

DBS 3-45: number on pinion

521962: number on crown

52I962: number on crown

B/B5650/7: number on crown

10-49: number on crown

8795/2: number on crown

FRONT: number on crown


-Bevel gear GMC

Ratio: 6×40


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 12×32


-Bevel gear GMC type Ford / GMC type Banjo

Ratio: 5×33


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