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Filters available in company:


-FBO oil filter

F: FIO 50/6

C: CR 50/6

Filter FIO50/6

Cartridge CR50/6

FBO FIO 50/6

FBO CR 50/6


-Iveco 4832331 fuel filter support

-Iveco 504046811 fuel filter support

-Iveco 4817528 filter support

-Atlas Copco filter

-Iveco 4824762 filter support

-Iveco 4838497 filter support

-Fiamm CA255 filter support

-Iveco 4667340 double filter support

-Iveco 99488238 oil filter support

-Delphi fuel suction pump

-Filter support 04J07-1

-Iveco 504042420 support

-Immersion hydraulic filter

-Immersion hydraulic filter (semi-complete))

-Hfilter HWKU-49 double filter support

-CAV double filter support

-Filter for bars (Officine Carpi, Poviglio)

-Double filter support with filters (no code)


-Filter 4771

Filter H10K4


-Bernard 000072 air filter

-Savara 4087/50 fuel filter


-Iveco 504084899 oil filter suppport

Iveco 99488291


-Iveco 4667340 double filter support

Iveco 4667338

Iveco 1901604 oil filter


-Iveco 8021263 filter support

Iveco 4874484


-Iveco 4984991 oil filter support

Oil filter support motore Fiat 8210.42 engine


-Lucas 7176-906 fuel filter

Lucas FTS2 filter support

Type: FTS2

Liv: 5872

Lucas 7176906

Lucas 5872

Lucas 906


-Iveco 42.564.007 filter support

Iveco 42564007


-Tecnocar BR-39 universal petrol regulator filter

Tecnocar BR39


-Knecht FB517/1CM F74 double filter support

Knecht FB517/1CM


-Fiamm FP4935/A fuel filter with support

Iveco 8105881 fuel filter

Fiamm FP4935A


-MP filters

Filter type: MPT 020 2 AG2

Cartridge type: RT 25 2 M60-071

MP filters MPT 020 2 AG2 (MP filters MPT0202AG2)

MP filters RT 25 2 M60-071 (MP filters RT252M60-071)


-MP filters

Filter type: MPT 020 2S AG2B T

Cartridge type: 071

MP filters MPT 020 2S AG2B T (MP filters MPT0202SAG2BT)

MP filters 071


-Mann 6750931861 double filter support

Mann 6750931870


-Hfilter double filter support (Hengst) 116 1848

Hfilter (Hengst) 1161848

9 82


-AC 643 5735 filter support

AC 6435735


-Double filter support 10935628 with filters


-Double filter support 10935628 with filters

Filter element 10951393

Bendix filter division type 053161 (Bendix 053161)


-Bendix 054615-01 filter

Bendix 053161-04

Filter No: 054615-01

Element No: 053161-04


-Iveco 4667340 double filter support

Savara oil filter

Fiat 4667340

Savara 92804500


-Parker UCC AB.6821301.UC fill filter with vent

Codice: AB.6821301.UC

Parker UCC AB6821301UC


-Savara 1034 filter support

Savara 24963

Filter type: 4085/10C

Cartridge type: 2426/50

Savara 4085/10C

Savara 2426/50


-Purolator N-1600 lubricating filter

Purolator N1600


-Filtro Purolator 4B29

Purolator MF14654

Purolator MIC 24855


-Savara 24193 double filter support

Savara 8F2G

Filter type: 3390/60

Cartridge type: 2181/110/FIA

Savara 3390/60

Savara 2181/110/FIA


-Sofima RFM20CV1B410/0B immersion hydraulic filter

Model: RFM20CV1B410/0B

Element: RE25CV1

Sofima RE25CV1


-Filter Waircom WNRVT 67/1, 1672811067000

Waircom WNRVT67/1

Waircom 1672811067000


-Donaldson P182042 air filter

-Donaldson P128408 air filter

-Apirmig PFA46 air filter

-Air filter (grey and heavy)

-Donaldson P772536 air filter


-Iveco 504032916 oil filter support

Iveco 504035152

Iveco 504066211

Iveco Stralis Cursor 10 oil filters support


-Iveco 504015756 oi filters support

Cursor 10 oil filter support

Iveco 500351609 oil pressure sensor


-Rexroth R909157926 hydraulic filter element (new)

Bosch R909157926

Rexroth 09157926

Bosch 09157926