Dana Spicer Clark Hurth 112/67 fixed axle (new and original)

Type: 112/67

Serial: Y-ITA-769195

Dana Spicer Clark Hurth 112/67

Hurth 112/67

Group Type: 112

Model: 67

Dana Spicer Clark Hurth axle for 35H-40H concrete mixer and various

Dana Spicer Clark Hurth 11206009649 (hub)

Dana Spicer Cark Hurth 11206018679 (housing axle)

Dana Spicer Clark Hurth 11206003639 (hub)

In our warehouse we have many other axles new and used, including:

-Front axle New Holland TR.60-00.AP for New Holland tractor


-MPM steering axle

Type: PS183-184

-Iveco steering axle (disc brake)

Type: 03D97

Part No: 42119350

Type: 23/36R11C97

Part No: 42103483

Iveco 42119350

Iveco 42103483

-Mercedes hub axle (brake disc)

Type: HL8/1DCS-13.0

008513309, 738590, N211797

Mercedes HL8/1DCS-13.0


-Magirus fixed axle

Ratio: 8×43

-Iveco fixed axle

Part No: 42118884

Rapporto: 21×40

Type: 17E95

Part No: 42104232

Iveco 42118884

Iveco 42104232

-Axle Iveco 7177842 for Iveco 260E31, Eurotrakker Cursor and various

Model: 145E

-Iveco 7165425 axle

-Steering axle (Fiorentini trailer)



-Steering axle (Fiorentini trailer)



-Iveco fixed axle

Part No: 42061433 KZ

Iveco 42061433

-Axle Iveco (Pegaso E38)

Type: R2078AB003

Part No: 7178713

Iveco 7178713

-Iveco axle for Eurocargo mechanical suspension.

Iveco axle for 260E27KE and various

Type: 10/43 15C01

Part No: 7178638

Iveco 7178638