Bevel gears of all types

New and used spare parts

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Bevel gear pairs (new)


 -JCB bevel gear

Ratio: 11×41

JCB 451/02502: number on pinion

H10 4: number on pinion

JCB 451/02501: number on crown

R6 4: number on crown

JCB 451/02502

JCB 451/02501

JCB 45102502

JCB 45102501


-Bevel gear Fiat 159/20

Ratio: 10×43

Bevel gear for pullman, Fiat 159/20 and various


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 12×32


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 8×39

C9NN 4210 A: number on pinion

5.7: number on pinion

4610H: number on pinion

DONN 4610H: number on crown


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