Bevel gears Matador and various

Fiat, Iveco, Tank, crane and various.

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Bevel gear pairs Fiat, Matador, tank and various (new)


-Eaton bevel gear

Ratio: 7×36

S.B. 4785-2: number on pinion


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 15×52


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 13×29


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 8×35


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 19×27


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 15×37


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 15×29


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 24×37


-Fiat bevel gear

Ratio: 23×29

Fiat 4632644


-Fiat bevel gear

Ratio: 7×40


-Bevel gear for Fiat 683 and various

Ratio: 21×29


-Bevel gear for Fiat 330 intermediate axle

Ratio: 13×32

Iveco-Fiat 42482936


-Bevel gear for Fiat 330 rear axle

Ratio: 13×32

Iveco-Fiat 42482583


-Fiat bevel gear

Ratio: 7×39

Iveco-Fiat 4696423


-Bevel gear for intermediate axle

Ratio: 17×38

17/38SOQ: number on pinion

C17/38BHQ: number on crown

6D32: number on crown


-Bevel gear for Fiat 330.36 rear axle

Ratio: 19×35

19/35NW: number on pinion

0L19/35C: number on crown

5F49: number on crown


-Bevel gear for Fiat 697 intermediate axle

Ratio: 14×33


-Bevel gear for Fiat 697 front axle

Ratio: 15×38


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 17×29

121.01.57638: number on crown

121.01.57637: number on pinion


-Matador bevel gear

Ratio: 15×23

522540: number on pinion

1-57: number on pinion

EN355: number on pinion

F29219 A 23: number on pinion


-Bevel gear for Fiat 697 rear axle

Ratio: 14×33


-Bevel gear for OM50

Ratio: 9×41

7910262: number on crown

GH603810: number on crown


-Bevel gear Fiat 1° type for Iveco 190-38

598F: number on crown


-Bevel gear

Ratio: 14×37

14/37FZ: number on pinion

5C4: number on crown

FE14/37: number on crown


-Bevel gear for Fiat 697 rear axle

Ratio: 14×33

BRIF 2-205: number on pinion and crown


-Bevel gear for Fiat 330-35 rear axle

Ratio: 17×35


-Bevel gear for Fiat 666

Ratio: 20×27


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